Android Rooting

5 Reasons to Root your Android

1 - Improved Performance

One of the biggest issues for me, when I got my Droid, was the performance. It was quick, but not as smooth as I'd have liked. Depending on the ROM that you choose, the maker might have included some performance tweaks including overclocking the phone's CPU. Alternately, there are applications available in the Android Market that will allow you to overclock, but your phone must be rooted in order to use them.Obviously there are some risks here. If your phone's CPU gets clocked too high you can experience damage, or even outright failure, from overheating. Approach any overclocking with caution.

2 - More Application Choices

You get to enjoy more applications when you root your device.

3 - Breaking the Fragmentation

A major complaint of many Android device users is OS fragmentation. Across all users, there are many different versions of the Android OS in use. Android rooting will allow a user to use a ROM that includes the latest features even if their own carrier hasn't pushed that update yet.There are limitations here. Some phones are not capable of running the latest editions and you will need to do some investigation to find out what your phone can handle. At the worst case scenario, as long as you've done a backup prior to attempting to root, all you'll have to do is restore if things go boom.

4 - Options

Maybe it seems like we've already covered this, but by that logic, this entire article is about options. But in this case,

5 - Because you can.

Nope, this isn't a cop-out #5 reason and no I didn't run out of ideas. This is just a basic fact. You own an incredibly cool, highly capable device. Why wouldn't you want to see its fully ability? Honestly, following popular tutorials online will walk you step by step through what is an already simple process.